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For a successful fair or event,
everything has to be right.

The Messekäfer agency is able to support small, medium-size and large, internationally active brands as a service provider with professional expertise. Thanks to our years-long experience we know exactly what to do to make your event successful.

Our optimally trained and highly motivated staff, including hostesses, event- and promotion-personnel is appealing and makes sure that your brand succeeds on every level. To top it all off, we also provide a good variety of catering services.


Our services


Our fair-assistants guarantee successful and smooth work. There won’t be any barriers on your way to a great performance.

In connection with highly professional and direct customer contact, this is what makes our handsome and charming fair-assistants so very special. Our personnel are trained to be professional support in customer-care matters and will, therefore, bring forth a positive image of your company and further build on that.


A product with taste has to be experienced and, surely, tasted!

The human sense of taste, especially that of potential customers, has great influence regarding their decision on whether they will buy your product or not. A positive experience during a tasting will lead people to return and buy your products again and again.

No one is able to walk past our charming ladies without taking a short break off one’s duties because he or she will be approached actively and nicely; thus an intimate and direct contact with potential customers is assured, which in terms of product-marketing cannot be any more efficient.

The success of your product with unschooled personnel in comparison with schooled Messekäfer personnel.

Exclusive catering

Events and an unparalleled experience.

Nothing is as sensual and attractive as pure, excellent food. Our aim isn’t only to perfect this, but, like a painter who brings colors onto a canvas, to combine them and to provide an experience for your customers. We provide this experience. Additionally, our attractive hostesses can fuel your event just right.

Due to our year-long experience in exclusive catering, we can make this possible. With the use of regional and seasonal products, we create your menu and set up your catering program, your banquet or even your BBQ-Outdoor event!


Events are playing an increasingly important role in customer loyalty. With appropriate events, customers are getting thrilled. Events create real opportunities to experience a brand immediately, they promote the emotional bond.

Our highly motivated staff and hostesses guarantee you a professional event sequence and are essential for the success of your event. Based on our years of experience in the event sector we put together an experienced team for you.