A product with a taste has to be experienced and, surely, tasted!

The humanly sense of taste, especially of potential customers, has great influence on a positive or a negative decision whether they are going to buy your product or not. A positive experience during a tasting will lead people to return and buy your products again and again.

Noone is able to walk past our charming ladies without taking a short break off one's duties because he or she will be approached actively and nicely; thus an intimate and direct contact to potential customers is assured, which in terms of product-marketing cannot be any more efficient.

Success of your product with unschooled personnel in comparison with schooled Messekäfer personnel

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What is needed for ideal tastings?

  • appealing ambience
  • perfect product placement
  • positive outer appearance
  • schooled and charming promoters

By having a tasting with the purpose of optimizing sales the main importance is the appeal of the product towards the potential customer. Therefor you will want to have a detailed product description and a professional presentation.

Messekäer will take care of matters and place your product in the topspot.