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Events and an incomparable experience.

Nothing is as sensual and attractive as pure, excellent food. Our aim isn’t only to perfect this, but, like a painter who brings colors onto a canvas, to combine them and to provide an experience for your customers. We provide this experience. Additionally, our attractive hostesses can fuel your event just right.

Due to our year-long experience in exclusive catering, we can make this possible. With the use of regional and seasonal products, we create your menu and set up your catering program, your banquet or even your BBQ-Outdoor event!



When great kitchen and first-class service come together


Current cooking books by Manuel Weyer
In his books, you won't just experience your next dinner with friends or family, but also stories that are more than just lines of text.


This grill-artist delivers seasonal, surprising recipe ideas for meat and fish-lovers, vegetarians and vegans in his book „365 Tage Grillen“. And so you can confidently light your coals up each time, there's quite a bit of know-how from the cook himself as well.


Attention sweets-lovers, it's going to get hot! Cooking artist Manuel Weyer presents the chocolatey side of grilling with more than 50 unique, sweet recipes in „Süß Grillen“.


Manuel Weyer
Cooking master, cooking book author, recipe developer, food-stylist, food-artist, concept consultant, Cooking- and Grilling class instructor. Manuel Weyer is a multi-talent.
How come?: Manuel Weyer went through multiple stages in high-class restaurants with Johan Lafer, Jean Claude Bourgueil in London and Malaysia, in Switzerland, in Austria, Spain, France and the USA.
The 36-year old has been independent since 2015 with "Manuel Weyer Culinary Art", divided into "cookart", "grillart" and "foodart".

Manuel Weyer & Messekäfer
Exclusive events are part of his portfolio as well. These are individually planned, adjusted to your specific wishes and needs and executed with great love for detail and the best products.

Great cuisine doesn't work without great service. Our agency and Manuel Weyer have been working together for many years, each time our goal was to provide the guest with a time of enjoyment and professional, inviting and attentive service. It doesn't matter whether your event has 20 or 500 attendants.

With Manuel Weyer and Messekäfer, two professionals come together to provide the customer with excellent service paired with a unique and fantastic culinary experience.

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Aktuelle Beispiele aus dem Bereich Catering

IFA 2018

Catering auf der IFA 2018 in Berlin.

Goldener Zuckerhut 2017

„Mit dem GoldenenZuckerhut der Lebensmittel Zeitung können einmal jährlich bis zu sieben Firmen und Persönlichkeiten ausgezeichnet werden, die sich in der deutschen oder europäischen Konsumgüterwirtschaft in besonderem Maße verdient gemacht haben. Die Auszeichnung gilt einer unternehmerischen oder persönlichen Leistung, die von großen Einfluss mit nachhaltiger Wirkung auf die Gesamtentwicklung dieses Wirtschaftsbereiches ist.“ Der „Goldene Zuckerhut“ ist zugleich das bedeutendste Event, das die Lebensmittel Zeitung jährlich veranstaltet. Wir freuen uns, dass wir im Auftrag der Firma Veltins wieder mit dabei sein dürfen!

IFA Berlin 2017 – Einsatz für verschiedene Marken

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